Whitepaper & Trend Studies October 19, 2021

Building the Business Case for 5G

A study into the dynamics driving the adoption of enterprise 5G

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Many business leaders are yet to develop a detailed strategy for the adoption of enterprise 5G. More pressingly, only a third of telecommunications firms have a strategy in place – lagging behind enterprises that will inevitably rely on the sector to support their adoption journey. 5G is set to become one of the most impactful and transformative innovations impacting the modern enterprise. The benefits are clear – with executives building investment business cases around more responsive, secure, and stable networking capabilities. In the process enabling new digital capabilities – from greater sensor density on the factory floor, to the extension of operations beyond traditional boundaries.

The research reveals that businesses from a range of industries are pushing ahead on their 5G adoption journeys. Many are already far into their roadmaps, benefiting from detailed and thoughtful strategies that align existing operations and technologies with the evolving possibilities presented by 5G. Many more are experimenting and exploring, finding experts and partners to help them build out a coherent plan. And others remain locked in a ‘wait and see’ stance, reluctant to invest or unsure of the right path to follow.

In this report, we have gathered data and insights from an extensive survey designed to deliver a detailed picture of the complex enterprise 5G market across Europe. To do this, we interviewed over 200 senior business leaders in France, Germany, Italy, and the UK who have a role in 5G initiatives within their organization. By vertical, the sample polled included over 80 telecommunications executives, and over 120 enterprise leaders from Banking, Manufacturing, Utilities, Healthcare, and Transport sectors.

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Press release: "Most enterprises don’t have a clear 5G strategy – just 34% have a plan for integrating 5G into their business" (Oct 21, 2021)

Pressemitteilung: "Die meisten Unternehmen haben keine klare 5G-Strategie – nur 34 Prozent haben einen Plan für die Integration von 5G in ihr Geschäft" (25.10.2021)