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SITSI® is Europe’s leading market research and competitor analysis platform for software and IT services organisations. It offers highly granular, market-specific reports. With a focus on six research clusters, SITSI® is created with the input of our global team of analysts with deep, location-specific knowledge of over 30 regions and countries. It is brought to you by PAC, the leading European market analyst firm with over 45 years’ experience accelerating business growth of software & IT services vendors worldwide.

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SITSI® Research Library

To make smart decisions, you need detailed, actionable market data. Our research library hosts insightful reports that help software and IT services organizations adapt to fast-changing industry trends and discover valuable market opportunities.

  • Vendor Data & Profiles
    Discover the market position and strategic outlook of the vendors that matter most in your industry.
  • Market Volumes & Forecasts
    Get instant insights into how key markets are performing, along with projections of future performance. Discover how to position your business to get results.
  • Market Reports
    Understand the nuances of your local market with our detailed, country-specific expert analysis. Enabling you to make smart decisions for business success.




  • Vendor Benchmarks & RADARs
    See how your business stacks up against other vendors in your industry. Use our custom reports to create powerful thought leadership assets to strengthen your marketing strategies.
  • IT Rates Database
    Ensure your rates are competitive. Get access to comprehensive reports based on the latest data concerning target market information that is relevant to your business.
  • Deal & IT Budget Trackers
    Automate budget forecasting and increase budget accuracy with exclusive data integration tools. Track your IT expenses so you can budget smart and invest where it matters most.

Hyper-personalized Customer Experiences Powered by CRM Solutions - InBrief Analysis - Worldwide

In this report, PAC will define hyper-personalization, give some recent examples of companies that use such algorithms, illustrate the advantages and ...

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Microsoft Dynamics Ecosystem – Status Quo and Outlook - InBrief Analysis - EMEA

Microsoft Dynamics is one of the leading business application platforms. Microsoft’s great success relies strongly on the support of its ecosystem ...

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Adopting SAP Best Practices – Value Added and the Role of System Integrators - InBrief Analysis - Worldwide

The end of SAP legacy maintenance in 2027 (with an extended deadline available for an extra fee until 2030) has centralized businesses’ focus on ...

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Our Global Reach

In-depth analysis of local markets is at the heart of our research. With a dedicated focus on local data, we’ve become Europe’s No.1 market research platform to produce valuable and actionable insights to software and IT services organisations.

With 45+ years in operation, our research extends to over 30 countries, representing 95% of global IT expenditure. Now we offer extensive insights across multiple global regions.

  • Western and Eastern Europe
    Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey 
  • Asia Pacific
    Australia, China, India, Japan, remainder of Asia Pacific
  • Middle East and Africa
    South Africa, Middle East, Remainder of African Country
  • North America
    USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Latin America
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Our Analysts


Making bold business decisions requires expert support and trustworthy collaboration. Our team of analysts and consultants share decades of combined experience in IT strategy and digital business solutions to help organizations assess, plan, and prepare feasible strategies in coherence with trending data-driven market research.

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Custom Reporting


Leveraging our expertise in IT services and software industries, we create detailed custom market analysis reports to meet your specific business needs and requirements. Our Custom Market Size & Share model provides you with structured and coherent datasets that help you build your budgets, engage in appropriate business activities, and develop your business plans.

We deliver custom reporting services to leading IT services and software companies, telecom providers, ICT users, public and financial institutions, and management consultancies to help key stakeholders across every major function achieve business priorities with measurable results.

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PAC and SITSI® bring us the most detailed data and market segmentation we require for our different activities in France and other European countries.

Laurent Doyer, Strategy, Orange Business

PAC is the more accurate analyst firm for us to get an objective and pragmatic view on market trends and perspectives and SITSI® our main reference data to address strategy evolution and competitive positioning.

Xavier Charpentier, Marketing Services, Econocom

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