Christophe Châlons

Christophe Châlons

Chief Analyst Group

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Location: Munich, Germany
Languages: French, German, English

TOPICS: all topics
SECTORS: all sectors
COUNTRIES: all countries

Christophe started PAC’s first foreign operation in Munich in 1989. From the very beginning Christophe has been involved in both market and competitive analysis and strategic consulting projects for the leading software and IT services vendors. As lead analyst and managing director Christophe developed PAC organically to the leading IT analyst for the software and IT services ecosystem in the ASG raegion. Christophe also has been strongly involved in PAC’s international development, ao, in the launch and development of our new offices and permanently improving a coherent understanding of the IT market and ecosystem across the countries and regions, working closely with and supporting intensively both PAC’s subsidiaries and our partner network in Europe, America and Asia. While still very much involved in multiple local as well as multinational projects (market and competitive analysis as well as consulting) Christophe has been as Chief Analyst in charge of maintaining and improving PAC’s vision of the market and ecosystem across the different dimensions (geographies, products & services, industries and topics), including reviewing and adjusting PAC’s methodology, tooling and segmentation. Christophe has also been in charge of PAC’s reference program SITSI, ao, expanding the scope to address all the relevant topics for IT industry. In his role, Christophe is permanently exchanging with numerous executives of the IT ecosystem.