PAC Vendor Landscape: Cloud-focused Consulting & Systems Integration services in Germany

PAC positions 70+ providers in a new local PAC Vendor Landscape report

Even though the cloud computing market has reached a certain level of maturity, it is expected to continue to grow fast in the coming years. Consequently, the demand for cloud-related consulting & systems integration (cloud C&SI) services will remain high.

Many consulting and services partners are ready to support their clients during their cloud journeys. However, their specific competencies are as heterogeneous as their core activities, so finding a suitable services partner can be challenging.

PAC’s new Vendor Landscape addresses this challenge by presenting a comprehensive vendor ecosystem for cloud-related consulting and systems integration and cloud application management (AM) in Germany, categorized and positioned by business focus.

Cloud C&SI services providers support their clients during their cloud journeys

The opportunities arising from cloud computing are as manifold as the challenges that users face during their cloud journeys.

That is why cloud C&SI services range from advice on suitable use cases and workloads, through appropriate IT infrastructures, platforms, and deployment models, support with security and compliance requirements, the integration of cloud and legacy solutions, the transformation of internal IT architectures, modern software engineering, and licensing issues, to support with the most beneficial use of innovative, cloud-native services in areas like analytics, IoT, CX, and AI.

This range of services is as heterogeneous as the vendor landscape. That is why PAC publishes various vendor positioning and evaluation formats that provide guidance to customers:

PAC’s cloud vendor evaluation formats

When it comes to cloud-related vendor evaluations, PAC publishes three main formats:

  • PAC Vendor Rankings: For the German cloud services market, PAC publishes dedicated vendor rankings by segment market shares for Cloud Platforms, i.e., for Public IaaS/PaaS, SaaS, and Hosted Private Cloud, as well as for Cloud Ecosystem Services, i.e., Managed Services for Public and Private Cloud, as well as Consulting & Systems Integration services for Public and Private Cloud.
  • PAC RADAR (“vendor short list”): The holistic evaluation of leading vendors’ market strength and competencies supports the preselection of suitable services partners in specific areas. When it comes to cloud-related services, PAC RADARs are available for the services ecosystems of major cloud platforms such as AWS, MS Azure, ServiceNow, Salesforce, SAP, and Adobe
  • PAC Vendor Landscape (“vendor long list”): The PAC Vendor Landscape long-lists all relevant players in a specific market, classifying and positioning them according to their specific business focus. In addition to the PAC Vendor Landscape for IaaS/PaaS Operation Services, PAC has now published a comprehensive vendor landscape for cloud C&SI and AM in Germany:

PAC Vendor Landscape “Cloud C&SI and AM in Germany”

The new PAC Vendor Landscape “Cloud C&SI and AM in Germany” positions a broad range of relevant players – a total of more than 70 – including IT services providers, hardware and technology vendors, systems integrators, IT resellers, cloud hyperscalers, cloud application and SaaS vendors, vertical niche players, mid-market specialists, vendors of Indian heritage, consultancies, as well as highly specialized cloud C&SI pure plays.

All considered vendors address public cloud-related C&SI services to varying degrees but their heritage, overall portfolios, and business mixes differ a lot.

The new Vendor Landscape helps to narrow down the selection of potential services partners for cloud-related projects by categorizing and positioning all relevant vendors according to their business focus and specific strengths, for example:

  • C&SI vendors with a focus on services attached to their own cloud technology vs. technology-agnostic C&SI vendors;
  • C&SI vendors with a focus on application-related services vs. providers with a focus on infrastructure-related services;
  • C&SI vendors with a focus on public cloud platforms vs. vendors with a strong private and hybrid cloud-related business.

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