PAC European Digital Customer Engagement CxO Survey

Over the past decade, digital transformation's initial impact and subsequent ripples forced organisations to reassess their engagement with customers, clients, and citizens. Across all industry segments, European organisations have wrestled with economic and operating complexities exacerbated by the global pandemic and subsequent geo-political issues in recent years. However, the demand for digital customer engagement (DCE) services has not abated but, in fact, only intensified over this period as organisations experienced customer journey challenges across and within channels.

Due to this, DCE workflows and the software solutions and platforms underpinning them have remained a critical investment focus for European organisations. For example, the pandemic painted a clear picture that the role of contact centres must no longer be considered a post-transaction activity or, at worst, still less critical than pre-transaction and commerce engagement channels. Whilst the current economic issues across Europe may be exerting budgetary pressures on individuals and businesses, the demand for low friction and low complexity digital customer engagements has been maintained, and they are now required to be integrated deeper into non-DCE workflows like supply chain processes.

This is why PAC launched a European CxO survey of only digital customer engagement (DCE) specific business leaders focused on understanding the following:

  • What are the organisational, business, and technology challenges companies are faced with regarding DCE?
  • How are European organisations currently investing, and plan to, in DCE workflows and solutions?
  • What tasks are the most important to organisations across the most common DCE workflows?
  • What productivity impact, role, business benefit and challenges does Generative AI have for DCE?
  • What capabilities are the most important to an organisation across the most used DCE software solutions?

The survey results of 562 respondents are now in, providing a deep insight into the decision-making, investing patterns, and prioritisation of digital customer engagement (DCE) workflows and solutions across 8 countries/regions and 10 industries.

PAC often hears from IT solutions and services companies how understanding the voice of their customer is essential to strategy development and go-to-market engagement. The results of this PAC European CxO provide that level of insight in many granular dimensions. If you would like to learn more about the survey results please contact a member of the PAC team to arrange a conversation.

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