Whitepaper & Trend Studies July 21, 2020

Whitepaper - Security management for IT administration in France and German speaking countries

Security Management is challenging, especially for the group of IT administrators, as they need to be able to access most critical systems but in a safe and efficient way. Are concepts like privileged access control, virtual IT administrator workstations, or dedicated IT administrator networks already a reality in many user organizations or just a good concept waiting for implementation in the future?

This whitepaper is based on a survey of companies with more than 2.000 employees with activities in manufacturing, services or the public sector itself in France and the German speaking countries (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland).

The key questions which answers this whitepaper are:

  • How do companies manage their compliance and monitoring needs regarding IT administration?
  • What are their behaviors regarding Identity & Access Management for IT administrators?
  • What resources do companies need for IT administration?
  • To what extent are administration tasks automated?
  • Do companies use outsourcing for IT administration?
  • How do they manage security using external providers?


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