Navigating the IT-Services Horizon: Market Updates, Top Providers, and SAP Insights Webinar

Watch our webinar on the latest updates in the IT Services market with a focus on SAP advancements.

Goals of the Webinar:

1. Understand recent market dynamics in IT services and the top trends affecting your business today.

2. Better understand your competition by identifying who grew positively last year and who lost market share, as we will reveal the top 10 IT services providers worldwide rankings for 2023.

3. Gain insights into the dynamics of the Business Technology Platform (BTP) and AI within the SAP services space and learn best practices from our analysis.

4. Stay updated with our latest findings from RADAR SAP-related services in Europe and Germany for the year 2024.

Get ready to learn from our top analysts, Christophe Chalons, Joachim Hackmann, and Frank Naujoks.

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