Franck Nassah

Franck Nassah

Principal Analyst, Chief Analyst FR

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Location: Paris, France
Languages: French, English

TOPICS: BAS, Digital CX, data
SECTORS: Manufacturing, Public

Franck has 25 years’ experience in analysing IT markets, supporting technology providers and conducting strategic due diligence for investment funds on IT services providers and software vendors.
Between 2015 and 2020, Franck was directly responsible for research and consultancy projects relating to the horizontal themes of the Internet of Things, M2M, embedded systems and, more generally, the STIE (Scientific, Technical, Industrial and Embedded) market for France and the manufacturing sector, with an overview of the sector’s major challenges and their impact on IT. Between 2017 and 2021, he joined a European team in charge of innovative digital transformation issues ranging from the customer experience (CX) to the transformation of internal processes via the Internet of Things, and since 2020, a team in charge of application services, particularly around the major platforms (SAP, Microsoft, SalesForce and Oracle).
Franck is the leading analyst on the digital services market in France and provides consultancy and analysis services to the largest IT services providers on the market. As such, he is also the analyst in charge of developing the digital market observatory for numeum.