Sustainability-related IT Consulting & Services in Europe 2024

Final results available

As mentioned earlier this year, we at PAC were going to evaluate the most convincing approaches to meeting rising demand and position the leading providers in a PAC RADAR series on “Sustainability-related IT Consulting & Services in Europe 2024”

Since then, PAC has analyzed the specific strengths and weaknesses of 22 IT services providers based on over 30 predefined criteria. The results are published in nine PAC RADARs that focus on a wide range of customer requirements, providing a quick overview of the positioning of the most relevant providers. Since a local presence can be a decisive factor in selecting a suitable sustainability partner, PAC also provides separate PAC RADARs for France, Germany, and the UK.  

Some Key Findings

Organizations can reach their sustainability goals through the intelligent use of IT (sustainability through IT); at the same time, their own IT must become more sustainable (sustainability of IT). Both aspects are covered by the analysis.

Applying data-related competencies to ESG data is a core offering  – One of the greatest challenges for companies is to identify, track, and evaluate their own and their suppliers’ carbon footprint. In this context, IT providers are investing heavily in sustainability-related assets (IP, tools, solutions, methods, etc.). In most cases, these are proprietary diagnostic tools to conduct quantitative as-is assessments. Moreover, most vendors have built capabilities around implementing at least one of the major third-party sustainability suites (e.g., Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises, Salesforce Net Zero Cloud, ServiceNow ESG, IBM Envizi ESG Suite).  

Sustainability empowerment of their clients’ organizations becomes a must for consulting-led IT providers  – Most consulting-led IT providers help their clients with training services to empower employees and support change management within the organization. Many also offer workshops targeted at the clients’ senior management, designed to train CxOs (e.g., Sustainability Officers, Financial Officers, IT and Technology Officers, Data Officers, etc.) to establish a cross-functional task force and align efforts between the departments.  

The IT services providers evaluated as part of the PAC INNOVATION RADAR series include global as well as regional players. The nine reports will be published on our SITSI research platform soon.  

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