Report 10 Mar 2023

ServiceNow Services in Europe – GRC Workflows - PAC RADAR (internal use) - 2023

The ServiceNow services market is one of the most competitive and dynamic segments in the IT services industry. And many of Europe’s leading providers are positioned to invest considerably in building and diversifying their capability to meet strong ongoing demand.

It’s essential, then, for PAC, as a trusted voice in this market, to assess the leading and most mature providers today – with a view to providing an ongoing benchmark for their capability as it evolves over the coming years.

Now more than ever, enterprise buyers need support in selecting the right partner for their business as the management of services and assets continues to grow in complexity.

To provide this market view, PAC assessed many of the service providers delivering ServiceNow services in the European market – selecting only the most mature. As a result, this report leans heavily towards the larger IT services firms and the major consultancies – including some of the regional and specialist boutiques that compete directly with these firms. The assessment evaluates their overall delivery capabilities – as well as separate assessments for their workflow-specific capabilities in IT, HR, CSM, GRC, Security, and Creator workflows:

The PAC RADAR is an effective tool for the holistic evaluation and visual positioning of leading software and ICT service providers on local markets.

With the help of predefined criteria, PAC evaluates and compares providers’ strategies, development, and market position in addition to performance and competencies within specific market segments.

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