PAC Predictions 2021: Mass migration to the public cloud is now in vogue

In the early days, public cloud usage was dominated by customers that were building “something new”, needed scalability in specific areas, or were making selective use of cloud-native services in areas such as analytics, machine learning, and IoT – and these aspects have retained their importance.

However, the trend has shifted. Large-scale public cloud migrations, including the complete replacement of data centers, have become a serious option for a growing number of companies.

The experience gained by early adopters on the client side, plus the competencies developed on the side of the cloud operators and their service partner ecosystems enable a serious assessment of potential migration strategies. Another important factor is the level of maturity that the cloud platforms have reached with respect to the operation of critical enterprise workloads, including investments into the enablement of hybrid infrastructures. A large variety of migration tools covering discovery, planning, migration, and documentation support the automated migration of virtual machines, databases, dev/test environments, and specialized workloads such as virtual desktops, up to complex enterprise applications like SAP.

Typical triggers are a required hardware refresh, expiring outsourcing contracts, and data center consolidation strategies. In addition, expected cost flexibilization and savings in IT operations continue to gain traction – accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, which pushes executives to establish even stricter cost and resilience management.

Overall, the value proposition of the cloud is currently more compelling than ever. It perfectly meets the dilemma most companies face: strictly evaluating and qualifying investments with regard to costs while at the same time securing future innovative power.

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