Leading providers of infrastructure services - EMEA

PAC recently published the first rankings at global and EMEA level, taking into account 2020 revenue. Given the strong impact of the Covid 19 crisis in 2020, we decided to add some short vendor rankings considering a more comparable fiscal year (4 consecutive quarters, ending in Q4 2020).

Looking at the top infrastructure services at EMEA level, the adjusted ranking shows IBM, Atos and DXC on the podium. The historical leaders are suffering from the migration to public cloud models, which is generating fast-growing revenue streams on the one hand, but cannibalising the legacy and private cloud business on the other. Atos was the most resilient (almost stable revenue, up from #3 to #2), DXC suffered the most (double-digit decline).
Accenture and Capgemini rounded out the top 5, followed by Orange, Fujitsu, HPE, T-Systems and TCS. Capgemini (double-digit growth; moved up from 8th to 5th place) and Accenture benefited from their advantageous business mix (smaller legacy) and outperformed the market. Orange also did quite well thanks, ao, to acquisitions and growth in security services.

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