Leading provider of Cloud Platforms - EMEA

PAC recently published the first rankings at global and EMEA level, taking into account 2020 revenue. Given the strong impact of the Covid 19 crisis in 2020, we decided to add some short vendor rankings considering a more comparable fiscal year (4 consecutive quarters, ending in Q4 2020).

While the market contracted in most segments due to the Covid 19 crisis, one segment proved to be highly resilient: cloud platforms. Both SaaS (mainly public/ multi-tenant) and Public IaaS/ PaaS continued to enjoy growth rates between 20% and 40% in most European countries! Moreover cloud platform providers generate a buoyant services market.

Microsoft leads our cloud platforms ranking ahead of AWS and Salesforce. Oracle and Google complete the Top 5. SAP (lost the 5th place to Google), IBM, Apple (mainly consumer business), ServiceNow and Visma (from Norway) complete the Top 10.

More details in our vendor rankings on SITSI:

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