Figure of the day: SITS spending in the US transport sector

According to PAC’s estimates, the IT expenditure in the transport vertical in the US took a serious downturn in 2020 due to the Covid-19 impact, registering a low double-digit decrease. Although this industry accounts for less than 4% of the country’s IT expenditure, the crisis puts major pressure on transport-oriented software and IT services companies such as Amadeus and Sabre. 

PAC expects the recovery of IT expenditure to pre-pandemic levels to last at least two years and to register a CAGR 20/24 of 5.8%, close to the total market average. The share in the software and IT services market follows a similar pattern in terms of size (less than 4%). However, PAC expects the transport vertical's spending on software and IT services to register a CAGR 20/24 of 7.7%, slightly over the market average.

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