Deutsche Telekom Security, Hitachi Energy, and Securitas launch Industrial Security Center (ISC)

Due to the increase in both cyber and physical attacks on critical infrastructure operations, it is important to do integral, real-time security monitoring. Given the expected higher demand for carbon-neutral energy systems, utilities in particular need to increase their protection in all business areas to be able to provide their critical infrastructure. Since power grids are interconnected, it is very likely that a failure in one facility will cause outages in other facilities, too. Furthermore, these massive legacy operations are built to last generations and are therefore sometimes unable to keep up with the pace. Emerging digitalization opens opportunities for sustainability and smart grids, but also involves high security requirements. This is why companies need to drive the convergence of physical, IT, and OT infrastructure with an integrated security approach: rapid visibility with the help of deep industry and security expertise enables a rapid response.

Deutsche Telekom Security, Hitachi Energy, and Securitas have developed a joint operational approach which simplifies and, at the same time, accelerates the monitoring of security in the utilities sector. Today, they launched the Industrial Security Center (ISC) to realize their plans to monitor, analyze, and react to security threats 24x7.

First and foremost, the center aims to deliver the necessary transparency of IT and OT infrastructure and at physical locations, combined with expertise in technology and physical presence to meet regulatory requirements. The monitoring is done in three dimensions, with each company delivering its specialist security knowledge: Deutsche Telekom is a tier-one Internet operator with years of experience in cyber security. It will be in charge of protecting the cyber space. Hitachi Energy is a provider of power and automation products as well as systems and service solutions across the entire value chain of power generation. It will be in charge of operational technology. Securitas is a specialist in guarding and technology solutions and in the physical security space.

ISC services range from (1) detection and response to incidents, through (2) vulnerability management, to (3) threat analysis and (4) the registration of assets, plus (5) physical security services, vulnerability assessment, and configuration.

This means this innovative approach offers a comprehensive defense against attacks while also covering regulations and legacy operations. It allows utilities to minimize threats and risks in a fast and efficient manner in order to ensure a secure infrastructure. This provides full security for the critical operation of facilities, which makes it a perfect example in the IoT space, where the edges of security are both physical and virtual in a rapidly changing world.

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