Report 24 Mar 2023

Software & IT Services - Vendor Rankings Calendar Year 2022 - Worldwide

This Excel document positions and ranks the major software and IT services suppliers by revenue in the following segments:

  • Total Software and IT Services;
  • Total Software & Cloud Platforms (= Infrastructure Software & Platforms, Application Software Products, Software-as-a-Service, Public IaaS/PaaS);
  • Total IT Services (= Infrastructure-related Services, Application-related Services, BPO);
  • IT Services w/o BPO (=Infrastructure-related Services, Application-related Services; including Cloud related services (Consulting & Systems Integration, Managed Services));
  • Infrastructure-related Services (= Infrastructure Support Services, Infrastructure-related Project Services, Infrastructure Outsourcing Services);
  • Application-related Services (= Application-related Project Services, Application Management).

Important note:
Usually, we publish our vendor rankings considering the fiscal year ending in that specific year. We will stick to this policy for our multiple, extensive rankings (by country, by products and services, by industry, by topic/ offering).
However, we decided to add some short vendor rankings at worldwide as well as at Americas, APAC and EMEA-levels considering a more comparable calendar year.
For this, we considered 4 consecutive quarters, with the last one ending in Q4 2022.
This allows for a better comparison of supplier performance.

Please click here to download a template showing you the structure of this Excel document.