Report 13 Oct 2023

European CxO Survey 2023: Digital Customer Engagement – Progression, Challenges, and Opportunities - InSight Analysis

PAC has conducted a European CxO Survey of digital customer engagement (DCE)-specific business leaders, focused on understanding the following:

  • What are the organisational, business, and technology challenges companies are faced with regarding DCE?
  • How are European organisations currently investing, and plan to, in DCE workflows and solutions?
  • What tasks are the most important to organisations across the most common DCE workflows?
  • What productivity impact, role, business benefit and challenges does Generative AI have for DCE?
  • What capabilities are the most important to an organisation across the most used DCE software solutions?


PAC’s Analysis

  • Methodology
  • Management Summary
  • PAC’s Opinion
  • PAC’s Recommendations

Factors Inhibiting the Achievement of DCE Goals

  • Organisational Challenges
  • Business Challenges
  • Technology Challenges

European DCE Investment Strategies

The Potential of Generative AI for DCE

The Most Important Capabilities of DCE Solutions