Report 21 Feb 2022

Towards a Hyperpersonalized Customer Experience - Some Use Cases - InBrief Analysis - Worldwide

Artificial intelligence technologies have become much more accessible to businesses over the last five years. The customer experience is no exception to this, and there are many examples across industries in which AI-based technology is used to improve the client’s experience with a product or brand. Hyperpersonalization is currently one of the strongest trends in this domain. There are many different ways to use hyperpersonalization and in this report, we’ll take a closer look at some of them.




Management Summary


Social Media at the Heart of the Customer Experience

  • Social listening for trend prediction
  • Audience analysis
  • Social media chatbots

What Else Can AI Do?

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Predictive experience

Final thoughts

PAC’s Recommendations

  • Recommendations for IT providers
  • Recommendations for IT users