Report 21 Sep 2021

Game Changer AI – How AI Technology is Enriching HCM Solutions - InSight Analysis - Worldwide

As the focus of HR shifts from administrative tasks to a more holistic approach to workforce management, modern HCM solutions with embedded artificial intelligence (AI) technology can help organizations to streamline processes, supervisors to take more informed workforce-related decisions, and employees to be more efficient while ensuring their well-being and continuous professional development. Across the HR value chain, there are a number of different use cases for AI. The technology has the potential to change the entire HCM value chain, going beyond core HR, from recruiting and onboarding to retaining and offboarding.



Growing Need for Modern HCM Software

The Role of AI in the HR Value Chain

  • AI in HR processes
  • AI in recruiting
  • AI in onboarding
  • AI in retaining
  • AI in offboarding

AI in HCM Solutions

  • Provider positioning
  • Maturity
  • AI & ethics
  • What does this mean for IT service providers?

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