Report 31 Oct 2022

Digital Twins – Ready For Growth? - InBrief Analysis - Worldwide

Digital twins are considered to be an important element for value creation in the industrial world. But how fast are we making progress to capture this value? We need standards to simplify the interoperability and exchange of digital twins between companies, and efficient tools to develop them.
This report evaluates the current maturity level of digital twins in four areas:

  • Establishment of standards
  • Emerging open source communities and tools
  • Development tools from the hyperscalers
  • Exchange platforms for digital twins



Management Summary


Collaboration and Competition to Establish Standards

Open Source Projects Exist But Show Limited Momentum So Far

Hyperscalers Provide Dedicated Digital Twin Tools, But Client Adoption Has Been Limited So Far

The Exchange of Digital Twin Data Is Often an Add-on to Other Solutions

PAC’s Recommendations

  • Recommendations for IT providers
  • Recommendations for IT users