Report 15 Sep 2022

Creating a Differentiated Customer Experience with an Integrated Product Journey - InBrief Analysis - Worldwide

An “Integrated Product Journey” means having a global view, from start to finish, of the life of a product and ensuring that there are associated data and outputs at each point of the lifecycle. Associating customer experience expectations with this approach will deliver a more consistent experience for the customer, as every team at each touchpoint with the customer has access to the right level of information and data about the product.



PAC’s Analysis

  • Management summary
  • PAC’s opinion
  • PAC’s recommendations

Understanding the Customer Experience and its Digital Component

  • Customer experience: a topic to address through digital means
  • DCE: a critical need for companies and a growing concern of customers

Building a Product Journey for the Right Customer Experience

  • From start to finish, and beyond
  • An integration with boundaries

Achieving an Advantage Beyond the Use of Data

  • Data integration is essential
  • Building value that goes beyond the use case