Report 05 Apr 2022

Business Application Software-related Trends in Germany – Part 1 - InSight Analysis

This report describes the trends in the market for business applications in Germany. Based on the high demand for application modernization among users, the conclusions for service providers are analyzed in relation to the four most important business platforms:

  • Explore the potential in SAP-related services: demand is currently dominated by SAP S/4HANA migration projects.
  • Salesforce is the clear CRM market leader in Germany: This report examines user demands and the business potential for service providers around Salesforce’s pure SaaS-based platform.
  • Microsoft Dynamics is well known for its outstanding CRM-related capabilities. Growing demand for related services has been noted here. However, what about Microsoft´s ERP solutions in the Dynamics solution portfolio? Do they also offer business potential for service providers?
  • While Oracle is SAP’s main competitor on a global level, it only has a minor role in the German ERP business. Can Oracle benefit from SAP weaknesses in the SaaS space?

Part 2 of this report analyzes the trends around tier-2 business application solution providers.



PAC’s Analysis

  • Management summary
  • PAC’s opinion

PAC’s Recommendations

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  • Recommendations for IT users