Joachim Hackmann

Joachim Hackmann

Principal Analyst, Head of BAS Practice

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Location: Munich, Germany
Languages: German, French, English

TOPICS: Business Applications and related Services, ERP, AI, DLT
SECTORS: Banking, Insurance, Service & Consumer
COUNTRIES: Any country/region

Joachim Hackmann has been with PAC in Munich since 2015. As head of the BAS research cluster (Business Applications and related Services), he plays a key role in shaping the SITSI research agenda in this segment. He is also involved in customer-specific market and competitive analyses for leading software and IT services providers. He is the author of numerous reports on topics such as business applications, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and digitalization trends in the banking and insurance industry. As an analyst and consultant, he can draw on over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. Before joining PAC, Joachim worked for many years as a journalist for COMPUTERWOCHE and CIO Magazine in senior positions.