Report 16 Dec 2022

Augmented Analytics for User Empowerment - InBrief Analysis - Worldwide

The IT industry is confronted with a major lack of talent, especially in the data field, and at the same time, end-users are demanding more freedom and the possibility to choose, deploy, or develop their own solutions to answer their problems, which adds strain on the IT industry as there is a need to build this use case and create the conditions for success stories.
Citizen development is seen as one way to address this complex situation: by giving end-users the tools to develop their data use cases and their own solutions, all in a conveniently under control framework, companies can increase the loyalty of their employees while enabling them to create more innovation around the business case of the company. The adoption of such an approach also helps limit the use of external services and their integration into the IT architecture of the company.



Management Summary

The Different Ways to Achieve Data Empowerment

Generating More Value from Data and its Challenges

Data Literacy as a Basis for the Success of Citizen Developers

Technology Landscape for Citizen Developers

Service Providers at the Center of the Shift

PAC’s Recommendations

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