An introduction to SAP Build

At this year’s SAP TechEd conference in November, SAP announced its new low-code offering called SAP Build. As part of the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), SAP Build is a tool that helps users with minimal technological knowledge to easily develop and extend enterprise applications and automate processes.

SAP Build is based on SAP’s already existing solutions and AppGyver, the latter being a relatively new addition to the SAP portfolio from February 2021. Both were refined and combined into SAP Build, taking it from a purely visual prototyping offering to the full visual development, deployment, and execution of enterprise-ready applications. According to PAC estimates, demand for low-code solutions will increase significantly in the coming years. SAP aims to tap into this market with multiple functions within SAP Build, such as SAP Build Apps, SAP Build Process Automation, and SAP Build Work Zone.

In PAC’s view, SAP’s new Build solution is one step further towards a cloud-only offering from the German software giant. Companies now have an opportunity to tackle digitization backlogs with technically skilled employees who do not need to have many years of experience as software developers. With easy drag-and-drop features and neat integration into SAP’s existing product lineup, SAP Build is a promising tool that has the potential to significantly change the way business apps are developed, although it remains to be seen to what extent departments will write their own software in the future, as has been predicted.

If you are interested in PAC’s analysis and opinion on SAP’s new SAP Build offering, check out our Expert View “An Introduction to SAP Build”.

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