Fujitsu further accelerating its strong retail capability with GK Software acquisition

On March 1st, Fujitsu announced it is acquiring German-based GK Software, a market leader in cloud-based retail solutions. PAC considers this a strong move by Fujitsu, who are already well respected across the retail industry. Fujitsu’s retail heritage grew from several decades of technology innovations and solutions focused predominantly on large national and international retailers. The firm has particularly compelling retail solutions in the following areas:

  • Retail enterprise software applications
  • Store and mobile managed services
  • Point-of-Sale (PoS) solutions
  • Self-service solutions
  • In-store mobile solutions
  • WiFi for retail service

However, whilst Fujitsu has evolved its solutions in the face of digital transformation and omnichannel, the global retail industry has accelerated to using cloud services more for core retail operating behaviours. In doing so, the barrier to entry for access to sophisticated retail solutions has dropped to allow mid-sized retailers, franchises, and regional hubs more flexibility in an easy-to-manage, lower-cost, and more scalable manner.

Over the past decade, PAC has witnessed a greater homogenisation between the technologies used to operate online and in-store retail channels. Initially, established retailers treated the digital demands and experiences expected through online channels as separate from the needs of an in-store channel. However, as cloud-based retail solutions grew in sophistication, they provided a more seamless experience for a customer that blurred the transition from online to in-store and back again. This is where, from PACs’ perspective, the value of companies like GK Software has accelerated over the past decade. They combined the design ethos of digital retail experiences with cloud-based service offerings into a compelling package.

PAC considers that this acquisition allows them to accelerate their existing retail capabilities, improve their digital retail experiences, and leverage their AI and HPC (high-performance computing) to further elevate the GK Software acquisition. When the announcement was made Yoshinami Takahasi, EVP and vice-head of Fujitsu’s Global Solution Business Group, said, “This proposed acquisition is an important step in accelerating Uvance, a pillar of Fujitsu's growth strategy, which will revitalize and transform Fujitsu's business portfolio to make it more competitive. Fujitsu Uvance builds on our core strengths as a DX company and, through our solutions and services, provides value to customers while making a positive contribution towards solving crucial societal issues. Fujitsu’s strong development and delivery capabilities paired with GK dedication to innovation will enable both companies to serve their international customer base more holistically and bring new offerings to customers, both in Japan and across our international regions.”

As the company continues to focus on their Uvance strategy, which was announced in 2021, this acquisition aligns with the portfolio of transformation services at its heart focused on integrating sustainability goals into organisations. PAC considers this a clear indication that Fujitsu continues to value its established credibility across the retail sector and seeks to keep innovating to maintain this.

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