Report 29 Jul 2021

The Digital Factory between Edge, Cloud, Hybrid, and Multi-cloud - InBrief Analysis - Worldwide

The cloud represents the center of the IT world today. However, a network not only has a center, but it also has many edges. Edge computing stands for the idea of providing compute capabilities close to these edges of the network, as an extension to the central cloud. Edge computing is certainly not a competing concept to the cloud, though. In fact, it is very complementary. The main question is now, is edge computing just an add-on to the very successful cloud concept or a game changer for the digital factory? This report highlights important market forces (technology and beyond) around factory-related applications, the resulting conceptual considerations for the digital factory, and an initial view of the vendor landscape around this new emerging concept.



Management Summary


Technology – the Fundamental Market Force

Additional Market Forces beyond Technology


PAC’s Recommendations

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