Report 15 Dec 2021

Knowledge Graphs as Enablers of Digital Twins - InBrief Analysis - Worldwide

Today, highly structured data management systems and relational databases meet businesses’ requirements only to a limited extent. Technology is changing and evolving at a fast pace and the amount of available unstructured data keeps growing. Therefore, information models have to become more flexible in order to deal with the rising complexity of the data landscape.
In the past few years, graph databases and knowledge graphs have been praised for being able to cope with the change to some extent, and many companies already rely on them.
On the Internet of Things (IoT), knowledge graphs are often associated with digital twins. This analysis will have a closer look at how these two topics are related and how companies have been using this technology so far.



Management Summary

  • Background
  • Definitions
  • Purpose of knowledge graphs

Knowledge Graphs and Digital Twins for Products and Spaces

  • Knowledge graphs for turbines
  • Knowledge graphs for buildings

Knowledge Graphs and Digital Twins for Processes

  • Knowledge graphs for fraud detection
  • Knowledge graphs for informed R&D
  • Knowledge graphs for city planning and simulation

From the Digital Twin to the Metaverse

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