Report 06 Feb 2023

How Different Industries Are Tackling Decarbonization - InBrief Analysis - Worldwide

The majority of major corporations have made a recent commitment to achieve Net Zero status in the coming years. However, many have a huge amount of work ahead of them in order to deliver on their promises.

This report will look at the decarbonization issues impacting different vertical sectors and look at how IT providers can help them accelerate their Net Zero journeys.




The Stakes of Decarbonization by Industry Sector

How Different Industries Track and Report their Emissions

Does Sustainability Require an Industry-Specific Approach?

  • Examples of industry-specific offerings for sustainability-related IT consulting services
  • Examples of industry-specific systems from major IT providers
  • Examples of industry-specific carbon management software vendors

PAC’s Recommendations

  • Recommendations for IT providers
  • Recommendations for IT users