Report 29 Jan 2021

GAIA-X – A Federated Data Infrastructure for Europe - InSight Analysis

The aim of GAIA-X is to create a sovereign European cloud network for data exchange, to strengthen Europe’s digital innovative power and independence.

This report has three main objectives:

  • To show the status quo and guiding principles of GAIA-X
  • To point out use cases of GAIA-X
  • To analyze the different interests of GAIA-X’s driving forces



PAC’s Analysis

  • Management summary
  • PAC’s opinion
  • PAC’s recommendations


  • Data sovereignty – the source of innovative business ecosystems
  • Status quo of GAIA-X
  • What is GAIA-X?
  • Guiding principles of GAIA-X
  • Roadmap of GAIA-X

First Use Cases

Main Participants

  • Government representatives
  • Cloud users
  • Research institutions
  • European hosting providers
  • Service providers
  • Non-European public cloud providers