Report 04 Apr 2023

From Compliance to Competitive Advantage: Leveraging ESG Ratings - InSight Analysis - Worldwide

In this report, we will explore the role of ESG ratings in the IT industry and how IT service and software providers can improve their performance in these ratings. We will discuss the latest developments as well as the themes and practices of ESG reporting and their future and their relevance for the IT industry, as well as the structure of ESG rating agencies and their methodologies.
We will also examine the drawbacks and limitations of ESG ratings and how companies and investors can approach them effectively, in an attempt to overcome these shortcomings.



  • Management Summary
  • Scope Definition
  • The Key Concepts of ESG Reporting
  • Overview of ESG Reporting for Software & IT Service Providers
  • Main ESG Rating Providers
  • Types of ESG Rating Providers
  • Comparison of ESG Raters
  • Limitations of ESG Raters
  • Standards and Regulations
  • Sustainable Investing
  • Pitfalls to Avoid & Actionable Tips to Improve ESG Performance and Ratings
  • PAC’s Opinion
  • PAC’s Recommendations