Report 15 Feb 2024

Environmental Sustainability: Vendor Landscape in Europe - InSight Analysis

This analysis summarizes the most relevant vendors for sustainability IT services in Europe addressing environmental aspects. We have identified 57 IT services providers that are active in the European market (including the UK) for digital sustainability & ESG. We focus on environmental sustainability and on the services offerings from these providers, classifying them according to our 5 sub-segments:

  • Sustainability strategy & roadmap
  • ESG monitoring, controlling & reporting
  • Sustainable assets & infrastructure
  • Sustainable transport & logistics
  • Circularity & sustainable product design



PAC’s Analysis

  • Management summary
  • PAC’s opinion
  • PAC’s recommendations

The Sustainability IT Services Market in Europe

Vendor Landscape for Environmental Sustainability in Europe

Market Trends

  • Sustainability Strategy & Roadmap
  • ESG Monitoring, Controlling & Reporting
  • Sustainable Assets & Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Transport & Logistics
  • Circularity & Sustainable Product Design
  • Conclusion