Report 18 Jul 2022

Cyber Security for Hybrid Multi-Clouds - InBrief Analysis - Worldwide

Hybrid multi-cloud infrastructures are the norm. They are becoming increasingly complex, and companies face the challenge of selecting and deploying appropriate cyber protection. The main problem right now is twofold and driven by the growing digitalization of companies of all sizes: Complexity, on the one hand, is driven by a mix of existing legacy applications, which run on-premises on a company’s servers, and new applications, which are often sourced from public or private cloud infrastructures via a SaaS model. On the other hand, heterogeneous infrastructures require different, dedicated security models.



  • Management Summary
  • Introduction
  • Market Trends
  • Security for Hybrid IT Infrastructures
  • Security of and in the Cloud
  • Security for the Cloud
  • Endpoints and Remote Users
  • On-Premises/Hosted Security
  • Higher-Level Cyber Security Measures
  • Security Operations Centers and Computer Security Incident Response Teams
  • PAC’s Recommendations