All eyes on AI at Google I/O 2023

Google I/O is an annual developer event where plenty of new tools and technologies are released. Even though it has usually been strongly mobile-focused, AI was in the spotlight last night. And it's not surprising, given that Google has recently made several announcements, mostly related to generative AI. Here's a rundown of just a few of last night's most important topics:

Android: Google unveiled new AI-powered capabilities for the platform, such as Magic Compose, which allows users of the Messages app to reply to texts with the help of AI-generated answer ideas and style adjustments.

Duet AI: Many Google Apps, including Gmail, Meets, Sheets, and Slides, now have generative AI features that increase productivity. Duet AI for Google Cloud is an AI solution powered by Google's cutting-edge generative AI foundation models to assist users of all skill levels where they need it.

AI snapshots: As expected, Google Search become more AI-powered, introducing new features and enhancing the user experience. AI-generated summaries, or "AI snapshots," are a few paragraphs long and linked to websites that provide further information about the topics covered.

Google Photos: Google Photos incorporates generative AI to allow consumers to make significant photo modifications. The name of this new function is Magic Editor.

PaLM 2's "fine-tuning" - Google underlined the PaLM-Sec, revealed in April. PaLM- Sec is trained in security intelligence and enables new Google Cloud products that assist businesses and security professionals to identify, comprehend, and fend off threats. Yesterday, Google introduced Med-PaLM 2, which can aid in resolving issues and compressing key points from various lengthy medical books.

Bard advanced, moving into PaLM 2, and its replies and user prompts will now be more visually appealing. In addition to Japanese and Korean, Bard will soon support 40 languages.

Google also introduced Labs (which is not a very new term in Google), a space where people can test out Google’s early ideas for features and products. There are limited spots in various experiments such as Search Labs, Workspace Labs, Project Tailwind, and MusicLM).

Vertex AI: Three new foundation models (Codey, Imagen, Chirp) are accessible in Vertex AI, where they may be deployed to a data science notebook, adjusted using a straightforward UI in Generative AI Studio, or accessed via an API.

More information about the event and releases can be found on their official website: 


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