The Genesys G-Summit for UK&I demonstrated the importance of experience orchestration

PAC recently had the opportunity to attend a Genesys UK&I event, the customer experience (CX) and contact centre software company, to learn more about their products and how they support organisations in their CX and contact centre goals. Across the day, it was evident to PAC that Genesys has a keen understanding of how integral the combination of the customer (CX) and employee experience (EX) is in delivering orchestrated experiences through identity stitching across customer/client/citizen touchpoints.

Genesys had two customers speak at the event from the Virgin Atlantic airline and online-only UK building material retailer CMO Group. Each gave fascinating perspectives on the challenges faced in providing effective customer service in the digital age and during the COVID pandemic. Both companies discussed how the range of customer demographics and contact channels they operated had an inconsistent and fragmented customer experience before adopting Genesys Cloud CX. Contact centres became ever more essential during the pandemic as both companies acknowledged significantly increased demands on them. The challenges they faced exposed the fragility of CX and EX within contact centres, given that they are the main point of contact for pre- and post-sale customer engagements spanning voice, social, web, email, messaging, and chat channels.

However, each was challenged with not having all their customer engagement channels integrated. This led to contact centre agents missing vital information to support problem resolution through a lack of engagement continuity with a customer across multiple channels. Despite the onset of digital engagement channels, representatives of Genesys and the customer speakers indicated that voice traffic has not declined due to the adoption of chatbots, for example, but rather increased. PAC attributes this to chatbots being regarded as a parallel or replacement channel to voice when initially adopted. Whereas PAC would suggest the role of AI-driven chatbots is best placed as a triage mechanism for low-touch and complexity engagements at scale. Allowing for a handoff to a human over a voice or chat channel for higher complexity and touch resolution activities.

These experiences expressed at the event reflect what PAC continues to hear from CxOs and senior leaders across various sectors in the UK and mainland Europe. We live in an age where customers/clients/citizens engage through multiple channels, but often, there is no continuity of engagement. So, customers must often repeat their questions or issues when they are handed to different departments or interact across multiple contact channels. This fragmented approach to customer experience has not been fit-for-purpose for many years. Still, organisations can now consider solutions like Genesys Cloud CX to provide a secure end-to-end platform to integrate and orchestrate a consistent level of information for contact centre agents to resolve customer questions and issues.

As contact centres remain a consistent frontline for customer engagement, it is now more critical than ever for organisations to adopt operating processes and software tools that seamlessly orchestrate experience across customer, employee, and supervisor contexts. Experience orchestration across all contact touchpoints supports the customer's needs and the demands of contact centre teams to deliver the most informed, supportive, and consistent engagement service possible. Throughout the event, Genesys demonstrated that they have a clear direction and experienced understanding of CX and contact centre dynamics to meet the demands of the digital age.

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