Telindus Strengthens its Cloud Credibility

IT provider Telindus, part of Belgian telco and IT provider Proximus' Accelerators, has been accredited with a Microsoft Azure Gold partnership status.

Telindus, based in Luxembourg, offers cloud & data center, cybersecurity, networking solutions, and other managed services including workplace management, service desk, infrastructure, application management, governance, and professional services.

Now holding a Microsoft Azure Gold Partner status, Telindus strengthens its position to fully support its customers in transitioning and migrating to the public cloud. Telindus' in-house capabilities make it easier for organizations with legacy infrastructure to shift to flexible and scalable infrastructure regardless of the chosen cloud environment (private, public, or hybrid), as Telindus can satisfy any of these needs. As a result, Telindus will no longer have to rely on third parties to guide a customer's cloud journey from start to finish as it has the knowledge and expertise at the highest level in Azure.

The accreditation comes at an opportune time, as more companies in the Benelux dive into the world of cloud while others, affected by COVID-19, accelerate and scale their operations and add innovative capabilities to their IT environment to accommodate new needs. Several of Telindus' clients will be able to rely on the IT provider's deep Azure and cloud expertise as business, and consumer behavior continues to change. Among these clients, Telindus' Azure practice counts several Dutch municipalities and companies such as Newzoo, and TenCate Grass.

For example, TenCate Grass chose Telindus' Cloud Insight as a Service in 2021 to ensure cloud security and compliance through a Proof of Value assessment. TenCate Grass will now be able to leverage Telindus' deep cloud expertise to support its Microsoft Azure journey as it transitions to a public cloud environment.

As more enterprises race to adopt the cloud, we can expect more firms in the provider landscape to develop their partnerships with hyperscalers while ramping up certifications and talent pools to meet a demand for services that has continued to accelerate since the COVID-19 pandemic. In most regions, as demonstrated by Telindus’ new partner status, this will create a richer ecosystem of providers for enterprises to work with – an important market evolution, particularly as barriers to cloud adoption become more oriented around regional regulatory requirements and unique vertical challenges.

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