Report 19 Jan 2023

Sustainability-related IT Consulting & Services in the UK - PAC RADAR (internal use) - 2023

PAC has analyzed the IT services provider landscape in Europe and evaluated the leading providers’ approaches, offerings, strategies, and references in its PAC INNOVATION RADAR series on "Sustainability-Related IT Consulting & Services in Europe 2023". A total of 26 IT service providers considered relevant for the industry have been analyzed for their specific strengths and weaknesses based on numerous defined criteria.

The results have been published in eleven PAC RADAR reports, each focusing on different aspects of a provider’s service value chain and providing an overview of key providers’ positioning:

Environmental sustainability is one of the most dynamic topics in the IT services market and an increasingly important selection criterion when choosing an IT provider.
Specific approaches have been introduced in the market to support customers in defining, monitoring, and achieving their sustainability goals. Often, sustainability-related consulting & services are close to the core competencies of IT companies, such as data management & analytics, reporting, utilization & efficiency optimization, simulation, digital transformation, cloud migration, hybrid work, etc.

The PAC RADAR is an effective tool for the holistic evaluation and visual positioning of leading software and ICT service providers on local markets.

With the help of predefined criteria, PAC evaluates and compares providers’ strategies, development, and market position in addition to performance and competencies within specific market segments.

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