Report 04 Nov 2020

Smart Buildings – Use Cases, Challenges, and Technology Trends - InBrief Analysis - Worldwide

It is especially large smart city projects around the world that are driving the topic of smart buildings, but the potential is far from being fully exploited. Even today’s new buildings are not equipped with the very latest technologies because applied science develops much faster than adoption, and the construction industry is considered to be one of the least digitized industries. The majority of smart building initiatives are retrofits, which are in general more expensive and hence less profitable. The potential varies significantly between regions, and we expect the COVID-19 pandemic to lead to significant cuts in further investments in the long run.



Management Summary

Brief Overview of the Smart Building Market

  • Scope and definitions

Use Cases at a Glance

  • Energy management
  • Facility, asset, and workplace management
  • Safety, access, and control
  • Network infrastructure management

Challenges and Technology Trends

PAC’s Recommendations

  • Recommendations for IT providers
  • Recommendations for IT users